Hello good people, here is an opportunity for you…unfortunately your application should be  received not later than 6th October 2017. Fortunately, there is still time to get organized.  I did a copy and paste from the PDF  version for those who may have a hard time downloading the version.
Kenya Civil Aviation Authority is seeking to recruit fresh graduates as Air Traffic Controllers – Trainees. The training will be conducted at the East African School
of Aviation (EASA) Embakasi, Nairobi for a period of 18 months and will include                   on-job training at any of KCAA manned Airports.

The ideal candidates should possess the following qualifications:
> A first degree from a recognized university
>  A secondary school mean grade of C+ and a minimum score of C+ in English,
Geography, Mathematics or Physics.
Additionally, the candidates will be required to:
> Pass an aptitude test for Air Traffic Controllers
>Pass ICAO Class III medical Test
>Be aged between 18 and 28 years
Note: the opportunity is open to both male and female candidates who have recently
completed their studies and have no working experience. No salary will be payable
during the entire training period.
Interested candidates should submit their applications attaching copies of
relevant certificates, testimonials and a detailed updated curriculum vitae,
giving among others, details of day time contacts and full contact of three
professional referees to the address below, to be received not later than 6th
October 2017. Persons Living with Disabilities are encouraged to apply.
Kenya Civil Aviation Authority is an equal opportunity employer.
The Director General
Kenya Civil Aviation Authority
Aviation House – JKIA
P. O. BOX 30163 – 00100
Only shortlisted Candidates will be contacted.


Good luck!





Its that time of the year again when almost everyone is in that  merry Christmas and a happy new year mood. In a few days time it will be New Year, 2014. Christmas was all merry, nothing else in mind but the new year is ushered in differently. Maybe because it hits us that there is more to merry making like there are bills to be paid, house rent, school fees and school uniforms to be bought.

Thats also when most people come up with resolutions, the New Year Resolutions. I know  that rings a bell and i can see you smilling, yeah. For me, i believe resolutions are to be made any time deemed fit, been making resolutions all year long and will definately have my new year resolutions,am not against that.

On some peoples lists will be things that will improve their lives, make them better for example, to quit smoking or drinking, to save more money, to spend more time with family, to work hard in school,to go to church more oftenly, trust in God More and many others.

But it so happens that these decisions ido not last for long. Maybe two weeks to a month and then its back to drinking or smoking, extravagance ando even as the year goes by you might not even visit the nearest church at all!

What really happens? Are we  human beings so forgetful? Are these resolutions too large that we can not handle? Do we lack commitment to what we want? Only you can tell the reason as to why!

I am hoping as you make your New Year resolutions, you will be committed enough, not give up on the way too. Ask for guidance from above too, it helps!



Dont mistake my silence for disinterest, my
openmindedness for ignorance.

Just because am
not talking doesnt mean i have nothing to say.

Dont mistake my tolerance for passivity,my idealism for naivety, my dreams for fantasies
and my honesty for trust.

Just because i tell the
truth daent mean i thnk u do the same, just because i have my doubts daent mean i have no
hope and just because i care what other pple thnk daent mean i conform.

Dont mistake our friendship for dependency coz that doesnt mean i cant handle being alone.

Please dont worry about me, am fine.


History is like a point of no delay
keeps repeating itself, what else can I say?

you wondering why I act this way
never should have given you the time of day!

I guess you know what time it is now, You must have not been truthful from the start.

see for me it’d be nothing to say you never had my heart but I’d be lying coz i loved you with every inch of me!

You know its true!

I see why they call this bullsh-t a
relationship, ships sink! A situationShip.

And you know its love as soon as you fall in it cause shit stinks!
And it feels like everytime i do i
get jinxed.

cupid must’ve put a curse on me
How was I to know it should have been time to go a long time ago

I kept holdin on but theres a cold breeze blowin over
me. How much am i gonna try fighting when you ain giving me the chance to fight? Huh?

Im over you, success is the best
revenge to pay you back
and that payment is overdue.

I’ll never fall again, I’ll trip on stairs n fall on my butt but not with my heart again!

I have given you my all, with nothing but a fantansy in return. I am done being a favoured member of the heartbreak hotel!

Cause I’m moving on, 0h and don’t worry about me cause I’m gonna be just fine without you,

you’ll see there aint no-one on this Earth right now I’d much rather be cause god-dammit I’m glad that I’m me!