30% of contracts to be given to the youth, women and persons with disability. Kenya

Hello everybody? Did you know the government is in the process of registering and pre-qualifying youth, women and persons with disability owned enterprises so that they can access government tenders and contracts? I have been meaning to enlighten you on this and here i go:

If you did not, you should know that Procuring entities are now mandatorily required to allocate at least 30% of their procurement spend for the purpose of procuring goods, works and services from micro and small enterprises owned by youth, women and persons with disability.
These procurement(s) include:
• Supply and delivery of flowers
• Provision of cleaning services
• Provision of garbage collection services
• Supply and delivery of newspapers, journals and magazines
• Supply and delivery of mobile phone air time
• Provision of printing services

• Provision of labor contracts
• Bush clearing
• Provision of motor vehicle repair
• Provision of repair services for office equipment and machines
• Event organizing
• Design and branding of promotional materials such as T/shirts, caps, banners and posters
• Photocopy and videography
I know you are asking yourself, how do I go about it? Well its simple: you need the following: Identity Card(s)/Passport(s).
• Business Registration Certificate/ Certificate of Incorporation.
• PIN/VAT Certificate.
• Tax Compliance Certificate.
• Partnership Deed for Partnership Business.
• Memorandum/Articles of Association and CR12 mandatory for Registered Companies.
• For Construction Category – Letter/Certificate from the National Construction Authority, Energy Regulatory Commission or any other Authorized Public Technical Body.
Remember This program applies to youth aged 35yrs and below and you must have at least 70% ownership of your business

AGPOpicture courtesy: agpo.go.ke

For more information you can look up http://agpo.go.ke/

30% Government procurement preference provision for the youth.