Money and Relationships?

Have you heard of this saying, ‘do not mix business with women?’ I think we should have one that goes like do not ‘mix money and relationships?’ Lately, I have been thinking about something that three of my friends have been going through and I would like to hear your thoughts on it. Before I continue, ladies would you give your man, I mean boyfriend money for whatever reason? We find that most ladies will give a negative response to this question probably from an experience but some few others will try and give an answer like, ‘yes if only he is need’. I really do not know what defines the need aspect.
It is not uncommon after a break to hear ladies complaining about how they gave their men money which was not refunded. Others complain about how they went out and ended paying for dinner and generally took care of their men! When asked why they did that, all they can say is that they really loved the person. I really don’t think it is alright for people in relationships to be borrowing money from each other especially in dating stage. If in marriage, I think it is just fine. But in this day and age, money seems to be what holds relationships. Catch me dead asking money from a man! What happened to the men who would rather ask money from their friends rather than their girlfriends anyway? What with the increasing number of men who are now looking up to women for financial support? Why?


Women, why do you give men money? What are you trying to prove to him? Are you trying to make him stay? It’s really annoying when a woman tells you how she did everything for her man and he left, how she took care of him, neglected herself and even her family because she gave him her money, and what really irks me is a campus girl who tells you how she lied to her parents about a week long trip to Mombasa in order to get that extra cash to spare for her boyfriend. This is no longer love my friend, but it is insecurity. A relationship should involve people who can take care of themselves and by that I mean people who are responsible. Some partners are really good at taking advantage of others’ generosity and it is important to set boundaries because money has been known as the reason many relationships ended.
In my opinion, a man will not ask for cash from a woman he loves. Same as women will not ask for cash from the man they love. Sorry guys, but if she been asking for money from you, you are just but a walking ATM to her. .