Abuse Has No Place In Love.

So it’s February, the month of love as many people call it. The 14th day of February is just a few days away and most shopping outlets are fully stocked with chocolates and teddy bears. A friend of mine has been having issues in her relationship calling it on and off and the other day she told me she wanted to meet with her ex-boyfriend and make up. Considering whatever she had said about him, I could not really understand why she wanted to go back to him until she told me she did not want to be alone on Valentines Day.


I really did not understand how a person would go back to an abusive relationship whether financially, emotionally, physically, verbally because of a Single day or even stay in an abusive relationship for that matter. Nobody chooses to be in an abusive relationship but somebody somewhere chooses to stay in an abusive relationship. First of all, many people do not really understand what an abusive relationship is and it is often perceived as the physical abuse where we see husband and wife battering cases but there is more than that. I would like to shed some light on other forms abusive relationships that nobody should be part of.
Emotionally abusive relationships. These are relationships in which affects the physical and mental health and may cause psychological damage. For example if your partner accuses you of having affairs and also if your partner is having affairs.
Physically abusive relationships involve the use of physical force or strength to hurt your partner, which is the most experienced and widely known form of abuse in most relationships. This may include slapping your partner, hitting and punching them.


Verbally abusive relationships are characterized by the use of words to hurt your partner which may include name calling, insult and even silent treatment.
You do not have to stay in a relationship that no longer fulfils you, one you feel threatened. It is no longer love when there is abuse in a relationship. If you find yourself in an abusive relationship it is important to seek help from the many organisations and help lines that deal with abusive relationships. It is time to pursue healthy relationships and happy valentines people!
Photo courtesy of Torch.


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