Safe Abortion over Unsafe Abortion

I happened to travel from Kisumu to Nairobi and I had this opportunity to hold a six year old baby girl on my lap and minutes later she fell asleep. Oh and she was very beautiful and she slept peacefully until i had to wake up her up on arrival. The whole time I was thinking… isn’t she pretty? Would I be this happy if I was to become a mother? Would I take care of my baby the way I did to her? With this age of selfies I was tempted to take a selfie with her but since I wouldn’t want a stranger on the next seat taking a picture with my daughter I didn’t. This got me thinking that being a mother must be the best feeling in the world especially that period when you carry the pregnancy and you can feel the baby kicks in your tummy… This made me think about my friends in and out of campus who got kids and all I can say is I appreciate you supper mamas 

This also got me thinking of Abortion. Is abortion moral or immoral? Reading reports on the internet showed an increase in abortion in the world and to be specific, increase in the rate of unsafe abortion. In most African countries, abortion is recognized, but as a crime. I can by now imagine those in agreement with this statement humming or singing the Abortion is a crime song. Well, there are many reasons why one would want to have one. Women who have used contraceptives and still became pregnant consider abortion, unwillingness to become a single mother, if the pregnancy is as a result of rape or child abuse, if the health of the mother is in danger both mentally, physically and even socially, if the child could possibly have any defect among other reasons. Of all the reasons, the social reasons are questioned by almost everyone who views abortion as crime. I was looking at the International Women’s Health Coalition and I got to learn that in the world, twenty two million unsafe abortions take place and the consequences of these unsafe abortions include deaths due to complications and what with the women who are left with permanent injuries? Well these statistics may or may not include those who are unaccounted for and it is a large number, right?
When I talk about unsafe abortion, I mean abortion that is carried out by anyone who lacks the skills or rather untrained individuals and in an environment not in line with the minimal medical standards. In Kenya the rate of unsafe abortions has been on the rise up to a hundreds of thousands every year and thousands hospitalized in hospitals due to complications. This happens despite the fact that most Kenyans are pro-life. What with the use of traditional herbs, high dosages of antimalarial drugs and ingesting dangerous substances such as bleach. On the other hand, safe abortions can be defined as those that meet legal requirements in countries where abortion is legally permitted. In Kenya Abortion is illegal except when a mother’s life is in danger. This is the major reason why women seek unsafe abortion. I think restricting access to safe abortion for whatever reason to any woman is denying her the right to make decisions on her reproductive system. I believe that woman has a right to safe abortion. I do not see why a woman should result to crude and unsafe methods to terminate a pregnancy as mentioned above due to the stigma and shame attached to abortion.

All I am trying to say is that safe and legal abortion saves lives. Hospitals do not have to deal with the burden of handling complications resulting from unsafe abortion, of which most do not have the necessary resources to tackle that. By supporting safe abortion I am by no way misleading, it is almost similar to you who advocates for the use of contraceptives. Taking condoms for example, why do people use them? Prevent pregnancy? Prevent STI’s? Safe abortion also prevents the consequences arising from unsafe abortion such as damage to the uterus, psychological and emotional instability. In as much you are against abortion; do not deny the woman who decides to carry it out her freedom of choice and the chance to have a safe abortion by naming and shaming her or stigmatizing the whole thing because she will definitely go for unsafe abortion anytime knowing or not knowing the consequences. Well, on the morality and immorality of abortion, that is a whole new war between religion and science, but if a woman has to undergo abortion, Say No to Unsafe Abortion over Unsafe Abortion.


One thought on “Safe Abortion over Unsafe Abortion

  1. We’re always going to argue about
    abortion. It’s a hard choice and it’s
    controversial, and that’s why I’m pro-
    choice, because I want people to make
    their own choices.

    Saving life while destroying life makes no sense at all!!!
    The greatest destroyer of peace is
    abortion because if a mother can kill her
    own child, what is left for me to kill you
    and you to kill me? There is nothing
    Abortion is inherently different from other
    medical procedures because no other
    procedure involves the purposeful
    termination of a potential life.

    I do not believe in abortion at will. I do
    not believe that if a woman just wants to
    have an abortion she should… I do believe
    if you have an abortion you are
    committing murder.

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