A single mother, is still a mother.


“That is my opinion” i believe we have all had that moment in an argument where things get heated up and almost out of control and that is the only statement that can be used to avoid offending the other participants.
Well today, there was this discussion on single mothers on twitter. Whatever the cause of a woman being a single mother, i strongly believe that a mother should be respected. What with the hustle of raising a child and providing for the child?  Nobody has a right to pick on single mothers even if you are brought up in the “perfect nuclear family”. Your sister could become one too so i think it would be alright if we respected these single mothers as i believe you would not enjoy somebody somewhere insulting your sister..or would you?

Another reason to respect a single mother is the fact that she agreed to carry the baby in her womb and did not carry out an abortion. This goes out to the young single mothers out there, in a society where getting pregnant at a young age draws a lot of views but you choose to have the child, RESPECT .

There are single mothers who have brought up better kids who are doing good things for the society, single mums who are financially stable.

As i started by saying, everybody is entittled to their opinion, here is what some people had to say on single mothers… as i was reading them i was hoping that some of them were just jokes ( mmmhhh jokes in a bad taste) 

-Marrying a single mother is like wifing a hoe. The difference is that the single mother is a hoe with a child
-How you ended up being a single mother doesn’t matter, it’s how you raise your child that
-Being a single mother is nothing to be proud of if you’re still in your 20s
– what if the man refused to take responsibility? divorced? or just didn’t work out? watototo wangetupwa ndio kusikue single mother ?
– Difference btwn u & that single mum is that she was human enough 2 keep the baby yet u aborted yours or took P2s on the rest. who’s the hoe?
– IMO, If you are a Single Mum Just Make Sure You Can Sustain Yourself. Or else u are headed for whoreness.

Well, what is your opinion on being a single mother? I still stand at every mother should be respected, how they became mothers, not withstanding…. because “kesho you never know“.


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