Its that time of the year again when almost everyone is in that  merry Christmas and a happy new year mood. In a few days time it will be New Year, 2014. Christmas was all merry, nothing else in mind but the new year is ushered in differently. Maybe because it hits us that there is more to merry making like there are bills to be paid, house rent, school fees and school uniforms to be bought.

Thats also when most people come up with resolutions, the New Year Resolutions. I know  that rings a bell and i can see you smilling, yeah. For me, i believe resolutions are to be made any time deemed fit, been making resolutions all year long and will definately have my new year resolutions,am not against that.

On some peoples lists will be things that will improve their lives, make them better for example, to quit smoking or drinking, to save more money, to spend more time with family, to work hard in school,to go to church more oftenly, trust in God More and many others.

But it so happens that these decisions ido not last for long. Maybe two weeks to a month and then its back to drinking or smoking, extravagance ando even as the year goes by you might not even visit the nearest church at all!

What really happens? Are we  human beings so forgetful? Are these resolutions too large that we can not handle? Do we lack commitment to what we want? Only you can tell the reason as to why!

I am hoping as you make your New Year resolutions, you will be committed enough, not give up on the way too. Ask for guidance from above too, it helps!