Am Only Human


I am sitting on the stairway with tears in my eyes, an owl in the backyard cant just stop being
the bad omen it is.

I am trying to understand
where i went wrong.

was my openeness too
much that you couldnt handle?

did i talk too much?

is this the price we all have to pay in the end?

being good is all i was to you, doing everything right just so that you would be okay
and now is this the price i have to pay?

dont i deserve even a thankyou?

As the moon is covered n uncovered by the passing clouds, i realise that i can be the moon, only that i have to stand and fight and refuse to be covered for so long.

its a cruel world, i now understand what she meant with those worlds.

i know i deserve much better, thats why i will rise, shake
the dust and soldier ahead. i just cant lose another time.

Anyway, why allow a person to treat me like i have no home? And why should i feel offended when you act like you are Gods gift to mankind, you have a choice, i have mine too well lets act on them!

But then, should we cross paths,
handle me with care because am human,i feel,i
hurt,i bleed….easily


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