Changed Perception.


There is one thing i have come to realise about friendship, though it took me long to realize am glad i know now.

We dont meet people by accident neither are they accidents themselves. Every person we meet has a purpose in our life, and they have a role to play.

Sometimes some friendship do not last long and we cannot help but be thankful that for a moment in time they graced our lives and made us smile.

Some friendships may go all the way maybe even from childhood to adulthood overlooking the distance if any overlooking obstacles. I also realized that friendship is a two way traffic, you gotta be ready to do as much as the other party can.

So last semester was quite a good one for me mainly because i joined a group called I choose Life. I had always wanted to join the group and was elated when i was presented with the opportunity. Well, from the interview i learned a lot i must say. This organisation is very informative and i would recommend it for anyone who asks me which organisation to join in campus.

During one of our trainings, i happened to be in a group with one of my coursemates, Gabriel. We didnt interact much in class but here we did. I remember i was on my phone browsing most free times when he asked me what i was browsing. I did not have a particular answer because i was on social networks twitter, facebook, whatsapp name them. He then told me something that changed my perception on internet. He asked me of what importance is it? So i told him i was having fun.

It then hit me i could learn more from the social networks, interact with interlectuals and people of great minds. I could learn of issues in my country and  abroad and also take up great opportunities as presented.

In the picture above is Gabriel,center, Marishma and I. Thanks Gabriel, your words changed my perception. What are friends for anyway!


One thought on “Changed Perception.

  1. Quite inspiring. quite educative n its a good food for thought.
    I dint just learn the content. something more.

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