Justice For Liz And Women


Growing up, i did not hear much of rape. I only remember two incidences of school going girls having been raped and nothing much was done to those who were blamed for it.

So late last week, i log into twitter and there is a hash tag doing rounds #Justice4liz. I had seen it earlier, quite a few times, pardon my ignorance because i didnt even bother.

On this particular day,almost every of my follower was tweeting on #JusticeForLiz.

So i opened a link and there it was. Liz had been raped and thrown into a latrine and she had sustained injuries, a broken back and now on a wheelchair.  Reading on after her rescue she reported the matter to the law enforcers who administered a punishment of slashing grass in the police station and set free.

I couldnt help but question the sanity of the policemen responsible. Or was it ignorance perhaps? Why do they treat rape cases casually? Many have blamed it on absence of proper police reforms and this has been the greatness hindrance in the fight against rape.

This incident took me back in time when Njoki Ndung’u moved a motion on sexual offence. Its now an Act years later and i couldnt help but wonder.. is the Act effective, really?

There are people who felt that justice was not served for Liz and they signed a petition, millions of people around the world. I signed it too.  This was widely spread through social media and also here in Nairobi, Kenya a demonstration was successfully carried out.

I then realized that i had been sleeping for long, i need to join hands with my fellow women on the fight against rape. So am changing my facebook fanpage name to a more inclusive name, for women and girls against Rape.


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