Am A Palm Tree


Lately i have been thinking a lot about the future, a lot has been on my mind. You see the kind of thoughts that make you look deeper into yourself.

So today like a young christian, i picked my inspirational book- Its your time by Joel Osteen and going through the table of contents a title Be A Bounce Back person ttracted my eyes.
Reading on was the revelation of a palm tree and i decided i will become a palm tree.

You see a palm tree no matter how strong a hurricane hits it may touch the ground but once the storm is over it will bounce back. It will bend but it will not break. So i decided i wanna be a palm tree.

I wanna bounce back everytime i bend, with every adversity, i will strive to rise up. With every storm that passes, i will say i am still standing, i came right back up. I may be a little bent because of the strong winds but am not broken, i will be back again. Its only a matter of time!

Good Lesson for today.


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