Please dont worry about me, am fine.


History is like a point of no delay
keeps repeating itself, what else can I say?

you wondering why I act this way
never should have given you the time of day!

I guess you know what time it is now, You must have not been truthful from the start.

see for me it’d be nothing to say you never had my heart but I’d be lying coz i loved you with every inch of me!

You know its true!

I see why they call this bullsh-t a
relationship, ships sink! A situationShip.

And you know its love as soon as you fall in it cause shit stinks!
And it feels like everytime i do i
get jinxed.

cupid must’ve put a curse on me
How was I to know it should have been time to go a long time ago

I kept holdin on but theres a cold breeze blowin over
me. How much am i gonna try fighting when you ain giving me the chance to fight? Huh?

Im over you, success is the best
revenge to pay you back
and that payment is overdue.

I’ll never fall again, I’ll trip on stairs n fall on my butt but not with my heart again!

I have given you my all, with nothing but a fantansy in return. I am done being a favoured member of the heartbreak hotel!

Cause I’m moving on, 0h and don’t worry about me cause I’m gonna be just fine without you,

you’ll see there aint no-one on this Earth right now I’d much rather be cause god-dammit I’m glad that I’m me!



Am A Palm Tree


Lately i have been thinking a lot about the future, a lot has been on my mind. You see the kind of thoughts that make you look deeper into yourself.

So today like a young christian, i picked my inspirational book- Its your time by Joel Osteen and going through the table of contents a title Be A Bounce Back person ttracted my eyes.
Reading on was the revelation of a palm tree and i decided i will become a palm tree.

You see a palm tree no matter how strong a hurricane hits it may touch the ground but once the storm is over it will bounce back. It will bend but it will not break. So i decided i wanna be a palm tree.

I wanna bounce back everytime i bend, with every adversity, i will strive to rise up. With every storm that passes, i will say i am still standing, i came right back up. I may be a little bent because of the strong winds but am not broken, i will be back again. Its only a matter of time!

Good Lesson for today.