Its love no! Obsession! No!


So in my playlist is this song  “Broken Hearted Girl” and i always listen to it, not that i am going through a break up, but it so happens that i love break up/ heart break songs and i just can not understand why! I hope this does not happen to me though.  as it goes, when you are sad you understand song lyrics but other times you listen to the music!

Some lines made me think a little bit more though on love and obsession. When do you certify its love not obsessionand vice versa? Here it goes:

“Although there are times when i hate you coz i cant erase, the times that you hurt me and put tears in my eyes, and even nw i hate you,and it pains me to say that,i knw al be there at the end of the day” And my question was..Is this still love?

But the next stanza got me thinking when do you say enough is enough really? This too reminded me of a woman whom i knew, she  got battered but never left and she would say the only time she would leave was through death. Here it is:

“Something that i feel i need to say, but up ’till now i have always been afraid, that you would never come around, And still i wanna put this out,
you say you got most respect for me , but sometimes i feel you not deserving me”  i thought  this is just obsession!

And there comes a time to stop the obsession and think of yourself.  Think about something you would do with your life, build a life you would be pleased to live with for the rest of your life and that will attract the right person to your life. Back to the woman, she eventually left and I bless the soul of that person who enlightened her!

Everybody needs to know when enough is enough as the lyrics flowed,
“i know that i love you but lemmi just say, i don’t wanna love you in no kind of way, No,no i dnt want a broken heart, i dnt wanna play the broken hearted girl” you got to agree with me!

I hate to sound negative, but i have been around the block. Dont waste your life waiting for something that might never happen. Dont take sh*t from anyone and dont wait for anyone to come around. Enjoy life and live it to the fullest.   life is too short, Take it from someone who knows, Love will find you.

“I know i’ll be there at the end of the day”